About Sammy June

I think being asked to write something about yourself is one of the hardest things to do. For those of you who know me you wouldn’t believe that I would have a problem talking about myself but guess what, I do.

What can I say; I’m a 36 year old Mother of three wonderful children and wife to the best husband in the world. I put my musical career on hold at the age of 20 to start my family. Now that they can all walk, talk, and think for themselves I have a little time, in between the car pools and after school events to work on my music, so that’s what I’ve started to do, in the past year I’ve taught myself guitar and keyboards and have popped out a few songs of my own. I never thought 16 years ago that I would have ever been able to write my own stuff. All I could do was sing. I was in a band for about a year before I met my first’s daughter’s father and put my music career on hold. All the life lessons I learned in the past 16 years has made for some interesting subjects to write about.

You may ask how I came up with the name Sammy June, my Grandmother used to call me that as a child, after she passed away I wanted to keep apart of her with me so I kept the name. I believe that she is up there somehow making things work for me. My Grandmothers have been a huge influence in my life.

My Father has also been a big factor in my music career. When I was a senior in high school, he heard me sing in a show and couldn’t believe that I could actually sing. He’d been paying other people to come in and record his songs ( by the way he is also a singer/songwriter/self taught musician ) from that day on I spent my summers in the recording room working for a perfectionist, ( love you dad but you are and you know it ) every time he would reach for that stop button I wanted to scream, but I’m glad he did because it taught me to get it right in the first couple of takes.

So that’s about it in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy my site and please keep checking back for more additions, as I will always be changing things here. God bless

Sammy June