Gazing On You

My love for you grows strong each day
Inside of all this madness
I swear sometimes I’d go insane
Instead I’m filled with gladness

You see my life with you has never let me down
I see our love shine through
Sometimes I don’t know how.

To stop myself from craving
All the love that you’ve been saving
These feelings inside are to good to hide
I know I can feel it when you’re next to me
Again my heart is racing
Cause my fears you are replacing
With a love so true it could only you
That could leave my eyes set gazing on you

Although there’s been a time or two
We could have walked away
Your heart reached out and touched my soul
And in your arms I stay
We always find ourselves between the right and wrong
With you by my side it will take me how long

Each morning as I wake up next to you
Your love surrounds me and its shining through
What did I do to deserve your love?
This yearning inside must be sent from up above

Music by Sammy June
Lyrics by Sammy June