Sammy's Journal

Hey everyone, I was just thinking. It's funny how all the things that you used to stress over when you were younger seem to go away the older you get. It just seems that I'm much happier these days, I love my family, things are going well. I love my job, it's a total dream. Money could always be better, we seem to get by just by the skin of our teeth, but by the grace of God we make it, somehow. Not to be dark, but it seems that sometimes things go good in your life to prepare you for something that's about to happen. Anyone who is my age is facing mortality. Our Parents, if we're lucky enough to still have them here with us, will be leaving us sooner than later. Remember when you're Great-Grandmother seemed like the oldest person in the world? My Mother could be that person anytime soon if my kids were to make me a Grandmother, I am old enough to be one by the way. Sorry about that I got a little deep there. Anyway what I'm trying to say is, live life to the fullest. Don't ever settle, you are worth more than that.

Hey everyone how's it going? Sorry I haven't updated you lately, things have been going nuts around here. My Radio Career is really taking off quite nicely. I'm very lucky to have found a Career not a Job. I've always said that I wanted to be infront of a stadium full of people there to see me, and I've always wanted to be in marketing. One day not to long ago I woke up and realized that what I've been wishing for my whole life came true. God has been very good to me and has allowed me to open my eyes and see the wonderful opportunities that are ahead of me. I've been lucky to have an understanding and supportive family behind me as well. I'm trying to get some time together so I can get the rest of my songs recorded and put up on my website, but time and money always seem to be an issue. I've also had some more lyrics running around my mind as well. Well until later......

What's up? Did everyone have a great Holiday. I ate way too much, my first year to do the cooking. Good thing I can cook and that my Grandmother made all the desserts. I've noticed some increased activity on the site, just to let you know I'm getting ready to get it updated and also put some new songs on as well. Have to get them recorded but at least they're written. Looking for a good quality studio with people that are easy to work with is not as easy as it sounds. If you're reading this and you know of anywhere I could go to get the rest of them recorded let me know. I'm trying to get ready for the Holiday season. Decorated the house yesterday which is a big step since I usualy don't decorate until the week before because I'm such a scrooge,(not really I just worked in the food industry for too long and the holidays pretty much suck). Well my husband told me yesterday that I made his Christmas by getting it done early. Of course I'm always the only one that does the decorating,so maybe if they like it done so eary they should help? I got to meet Jill Savage the other day. She's a veteran D.J., Been around awhile. She said she heard my show the other day and said that we were rockin'. Made me feel good to have someone who's been in the business for awhile tell me that it sounded like I've been doing it for years. Pretty cool! Later

You know how some days are better than others. I'm having a great day today. No more politics thank God! It's Wednesday, hump day, one of my favorite days of the week, it means the weekend isn't far away. Greg and I are going to B-town this weekend for Parents weekend, should be fun. Some alone time in a hotel room if you know what I mean.... We're staying at the same place we did on our Honeymoon. Maybe we can find someplace to go dancing. We took a Ballroom dance class last night, and I'll tell you what, the people on Dancing With The Stars really have to work hard to be as good as they are in such a short period of time. I think I stepped on Greg's toes atleast twice maybe more. I like to lead and I need to get over that. It was a lot of fun though and it would be really great to get the exercise, believe me it's a work out at times. I'll leave you with this thought: If God has given you the opportunity to love what your doing with your life, you should tell as many people as you can, because you never know when it may be gone and all you have are the memories of others.

So I had to go to the eye doctor today. It sucks turning 40! I have to get bifocals. Yeah that's right, bifocals. This really sucks! At least I work in Radio so when everything starts going to hell on me, I'll still have my voice and you won't have to look at my saggy ass. Enough of that ranting. Things are going well here. We're finaly done with political season, so now I get to listen to more music, instead of all the mud slinging ads that have been going on. I made sure I voted though because if you don't vote you can't complain about anything. It's weird, because this election I came in contact with a lot more politicians than I normaly do. You sure can tell a lot about a person just by interacting with them on a professional level. Some of the people running for office are real assholes, actualy most of them are. I could never run for office too many skeletons in my closet. And on that note I leave you with this thought; Ladies when going to the bathroom at work, you're not doing anything but sitting there, it's okay to change the roll of toilet paper.

Hey folks, long time no write. Sorry about that. I've been on a crazy ride for awhile. I am now working for a Radio Station as a DJ if you can believe that. The station is Indiana's Classic Hits 106.9 WXXC. I have fallen into the perfect job for a smart ass like myself, haha. Really though I love my job, I get to sit in the studio and play music, the stuff I listend to while I was growing up, for hours, and take calls and just have a good time, and I get paid for it. I've also started writing lyrics and music again. I'm going to get some more recorded, my friend just got a recording studio set up in his house and I'm learning how to do production from working here at the station. It seems like when I turned 40 everything just started coming together. The older kids graduated and are in college, so it's just one at home now. Things are just a little slower now, thank God. I don't think I could take much more after getting them graduated. Keep checking back I'm going to try to write a little more.

Well I know it's been a while since I've made an entry in my journal. I'm working at the Radio stations right now. I love it, I get to be around music and the buisness end of some of it. I'm doing some Jocking as well. Still trying to get good enough for my own show maybe. I think it would be a lot of fun. Anyway I'm having the time of my life working there. It's good to say you love your job. I get to be creative, and therefore it's brining out the music in my mind again. I'm starting to think in song again. I've also noticed that alot of people are hitting my poetry page alot. I'm glad you're enjoying them. I will have some new ones to post, plus some of my daughters. They both write, I'm not sure if the older one will let me put her's up or not, but I'm sure the younger one will let me, and she's got some good stuff. I'm so thankful that my whole family is creative. I'm on air right now on literock 106.9. I just really screwed up an EAS test. I've never done one before on this station. I have on the other ones. It's a lot of fun sometimes. Sometimes it's hard to do an early morning shift. I suppose I could if I did it all the time. I'm starting to get a little more comfortable. It's hard to imagine that there are people listening to you. If you say something that you think is funny, you don't get a laugh back. So you don't know if anyone really gets you or not. I think I'm funny, especialy after a few glasses of wine!! I did however have some listeners from WCJC (a country station) switch to literock 106.9 because I was going to be on the air over there. That's gotta make a girl feel good. Well hopefully my creativity will catch up with me and I will slow down enough to write and record some more. Try to keep you up to date on the goings on in my life. Until later

Hey Everyone! Sorry things have been a little crazy for me right now. I've had some personal things dictating my life right now. We found out that my father has cancer. He had open heart surgery about a month ago and while they were in there they found some lymph's that didn't look so good. They are however very optimistic about the whole treatment of the cancer. They say that it's very treatable and he should have more years to live now, instead of dying of a heart attack and never knowing that there was something wrong. The Lord works in mysterious ways doesn't he?

Anyway about my music. I am in the early stages of getting a live music recording of all of my songs. I've been working with different people in the business, and trying to figure out the best place to do this where I will feel I have creative control. I've also been thinking about going into Management/Talent Scout/ Producer. I know it's a big dream, but I know what sounds good, and I know talent when I see and hear it. I'm also really leaning towards my career as a song writer. I've been working on several new songs and can't wait to get them out so everyone can hear them. I've had some very good feed back on them from people who have heard them. I went down to Beatniks the other night for open mic night, it was nice to get out and play, but I just don't have it in me right now to play out in public. I'm kind of being a hermit right now. Although I am starting to write a lot more in my personal journal.

I've noticed I've been getting several people checking out my poetry section of my website. I hope everyone is enjoying them. I'm going to ask my brilliant husband if he will add a page to my site for feedback for the people coming and reading them. I'd really like to know what everyone thought about my songs and poetry. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Well I will try very hard to start paying better attention to my site and not leave those who enjoy coming here in the dark about what's going on. Until next time

Well I just had an amazing night. I sang with someone I mistakenly thought of as my nemesis. We have voices that blend very well together, just like Kim and I do. Kim is one of my best friends from way back when. We were both held out of the Swing Choir at Oak Hill High School for the first year. She was a year ahead of me so she is "Older" than me. LOL. I think people are going to be very excited about the two of us singing together. She has a great ear for harmony and improvising. I'm very confident that in the days ahead that we will grow stronger as a duet. She's about as bull headed as I am to, which will make for a perfect match as far as personalities. I'm not afraid to say what I think and neither is she. I wish more females would be able to be honest with each other. Sorry I'm rambling. I just got done with the gig; I'm still a little psyched about the whole night. This was our first night of really doing songs together that we've really only practiced once, and I think we sounded awesome together. I think that we have something different to add to each others talents, I think it will be fun to watch us get better as we work together to bring our fans some really great music to listen to. We just really need to get some serious musicians. Reliable people, that want to go somewhere with their talent, and get onboard for a ride that could be a lot of fun. Have a great night. Sammy

Hello all, I guess it's been awhile since I've written last, sorry about that. I finally regained some confidence last night. I played at Beatniks for my first three hour show. I really had a great time. Some of my friends got up and played with me, which was the best thing in the world for me. I've been feeling a little lonely all by myself (still looking for a band to call my own) but it was fun and much better than the last show I did. I got myself really nervous for that one and didn't play very well. But I feel like I totally redeemed myself. Been working on some new songs, I've have to get in the studio and get them recorded. I'm going to start using live music instead of the midis that I've been using. Someone said that my songs all sound the same, and I think that's because of the midi's in the recording, you really need to have some live musicians behind you. I think it would sound wonderful. Well I guess that's all for now.

As you'll soon see, I get a little lazy when it comes to writing in my journal everyday. I figure why put you through that, I'll just write when the mood strikes me. Thanks for the guest book entries. Thanks for dropping on by and saying hello. I'm working on a new tune, and I have about 3 more that I need to get recorded. As soon as I can I'm shooting for a CD that I can give to friends and maybe sell when I go out and play.

Well the Radical Grace Blues Band was a success! I think we did great for it being our first time out. The people really seemed to enjoy, and now that we have one under our belt I can't wait to see what we'll do next. It really is fun to sing that type of music. I never really enjoyed singing it in church because they always sang it out of my range. There were always more saprano's than alto's in the church, but still I would catch myself at home afterwards singing the hymns that we had sang earlier that day at church. Hopefully word catches on and we get bigger audiences in the future.

So this is the first entry to my live journal. It's been an exciting time trying to get my website up and running. When my wonderful husband told me that he was going to make this site for me I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it, so we may be making changes from time to time so make sure you check in often. I'd like to thank Gina also for the great design.

I've been busy writing some new songs. Sometimes it's hard to come up with the right combination of music and words. I'll get an idea for the music but not want to commit words to it until I'm ready. I've just recently finished a song that I wrote about my Grandmother missing Grandpa, he's been gone now for about four years. She had brought over an Easter lilly that she had at the church in his memory. I was sitting at the piano working on a tune that I had been playing for about a week. I really wanted to be sure of the lyrics I would put to it, that's when I looked up and saw the lilly and it made me think about how much she must miss him, so out came the words. I can't wait to get it recorded and add it to the site so everyone can hear.

Tonight is our first appearance as the Radical Grace Blues Band. We're playing Black Gospel music, something I've always enjoyed listening to. There is so much life in that particular style of music. I figured God helped me learn how to play music, so I'd better give some back to him.