Sammy's Poetry

Little Coward

I gave you every opportunity to make things right You know it's never easy when you and I fight I swore I'd never write a song about you But now I'm not sure what else I can do I need to get my point across more clearly I'll sing it loud so everyone can hear me

I think you're a coward for not owning your mistakes The night you so boldly got in my face Go run and hide inside your bottle A hole you'll never get yourself out of You know my pen is wicked when I'm mad You know I'm the best you'll ever have

To try to replace me I don't think you can I can't believe you'd try I was your biggest fan Until you got in my face and made it quite clear That you were the one person I had to fear

Oh little coward go back from where you came And leave me alone, take your shame Back to the bottle you so dearly love I'll gain my strength from up above