Sammy's Poetry

One of a kind twice in a lifetime

I've been a surprise to you since the beginning My soul had started while another was ending So happy together child, man and wife You gave me every opportunity For the best in life.

As I grew older some choices made you mad How else could you feel, you were my dad You watched by the sidelines as I lived my life Now it's only sister, husband and wife

Being on my own, living day to day I had to leave and make my own way The choices I made weren't always right But you weren't around Your were out of my sight

Now I've learned to live with the choices I've made Sometimes I wish that I would have stayed Safe in the loving arms of my family Others will say it can't be easy being me

But I don't have regrets, my life has been good I have a family of my own now I enjoy Motherhood

I've learned more about myself This chapter in my life Now we're a child, husband and wife

I've looked back at your stories Of when you were young And I look at the wonderful man you've become

Happy to follow in your footsteps It's easy to look back and not forget The memories of my childhood will always be mine We are one of a kind, twice in a lifetime.